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Tess Hau

Tess Hau is an investor and advisor to high performing startups globally, deep tech companies, and extraordinary founders across the world.

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Six Pillars

These six areas of investment form the foundation of Tess Ventures:


Web3 and  Decentralization

Web3 is about moving towards a decentralized web and decentralized data distribution. It gives individuals greater control over their information and enhances privacy of personal information. Decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) where communities govern and vote using governance tokens can put power into the hands of more people. Other features of Web3 include the ability of online platforms to accept crypto payments through digital wallets. Tess Ventures sees more decentralization on the web and invests in the wide range of teams that are making this a reality.


The Metaverse is about immersive virtual experiences, collaboration, and expanding one’s imagination and experiences. Digital assets like non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and virtual items such as real estate, clothes, etc. are the foundation of the Metaverse. New and improved virtual and augmented reality devices will power the Metaverse. Some analysts have said the Metaverse will be as big as the existing economy, and Tess Ventures sees enormous potential in the Metaverse and will continue to seek high potential projects.

Crypto / DeFi/ DAO

Tess Ventures supports the ideas of transactions powered by crypto currency and of peer to peer financial transactions with minimal intermediary involvement. The increasing presence of cryptocurrency in the financial system has put a spotlight on cryptocurrency. Examples include banks holding Bitcoin and Bitcoin ETFs. Digital tokens can be used as currency and rewards in gaming, business, and the Metaverse. Tess Ventures looks for innovative financial models and instruments and governance models, such as through DAOs, that use cryptocurrency to move money in new and different ways and promote broader economic inclusion and opportunity.

AI and Deep Tech

Artificial intelligence can improve the effectiveness and efficiency of business processes, health care, engineering, supply chains, operations, and much more. Tess Ventures invests in companies that use AI and Deep Tech to improve the human condition and create economic prosperity.

Women Founders and Leaders

Female founded companies receive only 1/30 the venture capital funding of male founded companies. Tess Ventures is committed to investing and advising and using our extensive network to help the team raise capital. We at Tess Ventures have backed many startups where the founder is female or the leadership team has a female leader.

The Next Big Opportunity in Southeast Asia

We see that the next big opportunity is in Southeast Asia (SEA), especially in Indonesia. One third of the SEA population is under the age of 30. 90% of SEA internet users are mobile first. They are young, connected, and madly in love with social media. The average user in China and the US spends 6.5 hours online per day. The average Indonesian and Filipino spends 9 hours online per day. Some say if you missed the China train ten years ago, you cannot miss this one. Using Tess Ventures’ experience with Silicon Valley, we are committed to serve as the conduit between SEA and Silicon Valley and beyond. We have already successfully helped our startups expand to SEA.


"One of the most exciting things when you’re thinking about launching a new venture is to talk to someone smart, critical, but most importantly interested in engaging with the ideas beyond the venture. For me, Tess Hau is such a person. Tess is a great listener and always has responded enthusiastically to my ideas, helping to form and shape them. She is a super connector who has built a terrific network of individuals and is always looking for opportunities to put folks together. Most importantly, Tess focuses on building relationships and understanding people. That’s a unique and special quality."

Abe Othman

Shipyard Software (Clipper DEX) Co-Founder
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"She understands that life is about relationships and giving first. She holds friendships to being the core of life & celebrating growth together."

Joel Palanthankial

CEO, Sutton Capital
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"Although Tess has spent most of her career deep inside the world of Silicon Valley venture capital, over the years she has become deeply immersed in blockchain, crypto and Web3. She has invested in and advised some of the biggest names in crypto, and is often a uniter between the world of crypto and traditional VC. Understanding both of these worlds so deeply is a rare trait in crypto. I am extremely grateful that Tess has given CryptoSlate and myself so much time, energy and attention to detail. We are incredibly excited and truly honored to have her as an advisor."

Nate Whitehill

CryptoSlate Co-Founder and CEO
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