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Abe is a brilliant engineer, founding figure in decentralized systems, experienced leader and avid writer. Tess has known Abe for years and has seen Abe's successful exits. Tess Ventures is proud to support Abe and the Shipyard team.

Tess was introduced to Shipyard (Clipper) by an early investor who is in Tess’ Stanford circles.

Abe's bio:

Abe Othman's 2012 PhD thesis, Automated Market Making: Theory and Practice, provided foundational insights into the discipline of decentralized exchanges. He created the first liquidity-sensitive homogeneous market maker, a key theoretical innovation of current market maker design. As an original advisor to the Augur project -- alongside Vitalik Buterin -- Abe published op-eds in the Financial Times and TechCrunch on the design of decentralized systems.

Abe has started two companies with successful exits and has invested in thirty early-stage startups. He has received his AB in Applied Math for Harvard and a PhD in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon, where his research was supported by the Google PhD Fellowship.

Abe's Tess-timonial:

In their inchoate state ideas can be crushed by a few bad meetings. One of the most exciting things when you’re thinking about launching a new venture is to talk to someone smart, critical, but most importantly interested in engaging with the ideas beyond the venture. For me, Tess Hau is such a person. Tess is a great listener and always has responded enthusiastically to my ideas, helping to form and shape them.

She is a super connector who has built a terrific network of individuals and is always looking for opportunities to put folks together. Most importantly, Tess focuses on building relationships and understanding people. Many people in and around venture are extremely transactional and stop communicating with you the moment that you no longer seem to have relevance for their next deal. I’ve known Tess for several years and she’s always wanted to talk to me about ideas no matter how my professional fortunes have fared. That’s a unique and special quality.

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