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Alexander Casassovici





Alex is a visionary in the gaming space in creating the new category of overlay games. He has organically grown Azarus to a large user base. Alex's decisions are based on sound information and anlaysis, he is constantly growing his network, and these factors make him a strong leader for Azarus. Tess Ventures is proud to be an investor.

Azarus was Doug's client, and he thought Azarus was interesting because it was defining the new category of Overlay Games.

Azarus was also looking to incorporate GameFi features, and this is right up Tess' alley. Doug told Alex that Tess could bring tremendous value to Azarus in business development and fundraising. Alex was impressed with how Doug introduced Tess and said he wanted to talk to her. That call led to Tess Ventures investing in Azarus, along with Animoca and other top GameFi investors. And Tess introduced Azarus to top crypto advisors and investors during a social bonding outing at a Warriors game. Alex is extremely happy with the introductions and new relationships that Tess has made for Azarus.

Alexander's Tess-timonial:

Tess has been an incredible investor and advisor in the short time she has been onboard. I asked if she could introduce me to highly influential and respected people in the crypto space, and she delivered. These new relationships have already given me and Azarus very helpful advice, information, and introductions to new people. I thank Tess for providing valuable help and resources, and I highly recommend her as an investor and advisor because of her high value add factor.

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