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Andy Singleton

Founder & CEO




Andy Singleton is a serial entrepreneur who has written 1M lines of code in his career and launched more than twenty software, SaaS, and online services products, with multiple successful exits. Tess Ventures is proud to count Andy as a portfolio company founder.

Andy's bio:

Andy Singleton builds software, hardware, and financial services. He founded Creation Mechanics (AI), Cambridge Interactive (Web services), PowerSteering (enterprise SaaS), and Assembla (team SaaS). He has a BA in applied math from Harvard. He’s now building DeFi for the real world at Maxos and launching a decentralized bank for savers around the globe.

Andy's Tess-timonial:

"Tess moves at a speed that stands out, even in our fast-moving industry. During the latest funding round for Maxos she sent money even before I sent out docs. She showed me how my process was too slow. She was supporting us, and making us better. Later, we hit roadblocks as a crypto bear market turned into 'crypto winter'. That’s when I picked up a call from Tess and wondered if she wanted her money back. Instead, she was calling to empathize, and even offer a top-up.

That wasn’t the first or the last call that I took from Tess after work, or in the middle of the night. Tess is always hustling, always marketing, always selling, always closing. She’s showing us how to succeed in business.

In my first conversations with Tess, I thought, 'what does she know about technology?' Then I started running into Tess while she was sitting with tech-focused founders and thought leaders, gigabrains that I have been wanting to meet. She connects with technologists. Tess has supported our startup as a business. She also leads as a personal example with speed, collaboration, a sales focus, and a talented entourage. We have the good fortune to have Tess as an inspiration on these dimensions. I have learned to pick up that midnight call."

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