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Dan Goldman

Founder & CEO




Dan is a serial entrepreneur having started his first venture in high school in 1995. He is passionate to improve the world in some way and his ventures reflect that with projects in clean tech and social gaming. Dan is a crypto veteran who has been in the space since 2012.

Dan's bio:

Dan Goldman is A Blockchain and Crypto veteran since 2012 and an entrepreneur with nearly 3 decades of experience, going back to his teenage years when he started one of the very first Internet Service Providers in Israel while still in high school.

Mr. Goldman is the founder and CEO of ULTRADE, in which Tess serves as an advisor and is an investor. ULTRADE is a one of the most advanced DeFi trading platforms in the world, running on the Algorand blockchain, with multiple professional trading tools such as limit orderbook spot DEX, swaps, leveraged perpetuals and more are all in a single application.

In 2014 (prior to Ethereum) he created Isracoin, a not-for-profit country coin for the citizens of Israel. At its peak, Isracoin was a top-10 coin on CMC.

In 2017/18 he built institutional grade crypto trading systems that enabled trading on dozens of exchanges with smart order routing, to achieve best-execution in the market.

Always looking for ways to build things that improve lives, in 2008 Mr. Goldman co-founded a clean energy technology company and, in 2010 he co-founded a green-themed gaming studio, tying real-world recycling actions to game rewards.

Dan's Tess-timonial:

"A whirlwind, a Tessmanian Devil, if you will. Tess is truly an impressive and unrelenting entrepreneur, investor, and advisor. I had the pleasure of being introduced to Tess through mutual relationships and was really not expecting to meet such an engaging and approachable person.

Working with Tess happens typically in two stages. First, she takes her time trying to actually get to know and follow up with the founder of a prospective investment. She won’t just invest because you showed a pretty deck, but she will actually spend the time learning about you and what you do, and that is already more than most investors do. So, if your crypto or blockchain project is not up to par, you may be out of luck. But once she gives the green light, a deal is made nearly instantly.

I was fortunate enough to also have Tess join Ultrade as an advisor and have seen firsthand what a whirlwind she really is, making introductions to other VCs, even late night, if that is when a short window of opportunity arose. With her relationships both in the U.S. and in several countries in the Asian and Mid-East markets, Tess is able to open many doors not just with investors, but for partnerships with exchanges, marketing and more.

On a personal note, I can say that Tess is very generous with her time and energy and is fun to work with, which is important. Life is too short, so stick with people you enjoy working with."

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