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Guangyao is a talented engineer and visionary leader who has a track record of growing teams and companies. Tess Ventures is proud to work with Guangyao and the Social Future team and look forward to their future successes.

Tess was introduced to Social Future through the company’s early investors, as they know Tess is a leading Metaverse investor in Silicon Valley, and will provide relevant guidance and introduce appropriate relationships at each point in the company's life cycle.

Guangyao's bio:

Guangyao is the former CTO of Holla Group, a social platform for international expats, where he independently built and managed a team of 50 people, developed self-reliant architectures and algorithms including random matching system and content recommendation system. He also led the innovative reconstruction of high-concurrent microservices and led the team to increase DAU from 200k to 1 million, achieving the number 1 social ranking in the US App Store for a week.

Guangyao was previously the Chief Data Scientist of Funplus where he was deeply involved in the production of the global hits "King of Avalon" and "Era of Musketeers".

Guangyao holds an MBA from Peking University and a BS in information and computer science from China University of Mining & Technology.

Guangyao's Tess-timonial:

"We were recommended by a friend to know Tess. From the words of our friend, we learned that Tess is a person with a strong perception of the future development of the industry. After contacting her, our first impression is Tess's passion and vitality. She always maintains her enthusiasm for life and work. She can arrange her daily schedule very well, and achieves the ultimate quality of life and work.

Furthermore, Tess always has faith in us, every time we talk to Tess, she is always spreading her positive energy, like the sun, walking into a room will illuminate everyone. Everyone is motivated, inspired and connected.

We've seen Tess's insights in the world of crypto and traditional VC when working together with Tess. She always makes it a priority to communicate and cooperate with us. The achievement of our cooperation cannot be created overnight. It is a long-term endeavour, and we take a long-term approach.

Excellent investors usually have their own unique views when facing challenges. Tess showed extraordinary rationality and insight when stating her views, helping us to figure out the problems thoroughly. Her true vision and positive attitude are crucial to acquiring long-term returns and helping us achieve our goals. Her professionalism and efficiency motivate us to move forward as well. Once she stayed up late to help us revise our business plans at 4 am, so that we could seek solutions and grow fast when encountering challenges.

If you're looking for investor’s advice, Tess is the one you should go to. Tess’s advice is a rich source of inspiration for an investor. We appreciate her help a lot.”

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