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Hugh Behroozy

Founder & CEO


Pentagon Games


Hugh is a creative talent, having worked on special effects for Game of Thrones. He clearly communicates his vision and his team follows him to the ends of the earth. Tess Ventures is proud to work with Hugh.

Tess was introduced to Pentagon Games through the company’s early investors, as they know Tess is a leading GameFi investor in Silicon Valley.

Hugh's bio:

Having more than 10 years of entertainment industry experience and being part of an Emmy-Award winning VFX team on Games of Thrones Season 8 (2019), Hugh Behroozy is the Founder and CEO of Pentagon Games. Hugh was responsible for delivering cutting-edge special effects graphics, and helped bring beloved blockbusters to life including Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Justice League, and Power Rangers. Hugh is now responsible for driving the overall vision, growth, and strategic development of Pentagon Games and its projects, including the studio’s multiple debut, unannounced games. A lifelong creator and gamer, Hugh’s ambitions started when he was teenager creating an in-game marketplace in Second Life earning his first salary in the game’s virtual economy. Hugh merges a decade of experience in innovative cinematic experiences and technological advancements with building and leading the team at Pentagon Games.

Hugh's Tess-timonial:

As an entrepreneur building a 24-7 global business in the fast-growing industry of gaming x blockchain, introductions happen at an unbelievably fast pace, however, it is rare for people and companies to truly stand out and become meaningful over time.

Within the first few minutes of meeting and talking to Tess, she immediately stood out as someone who has an impressive attention to detail in everything she does, while also being sincere, friendly, and a great strategic partner. Tess is someone who we feel comfortable sharing our biggest challenges with, because she often has creative solutions. Although we have known Tess for a brief period, she has already given us some great insight into the state of the markets. Before making a pivoting decision we always consult with our investors and supporters, Tess is someone we would certainly heed guidance from for insight in the tech sector.

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