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Jack Vinijtrongjit

Co-Founder & CEO


AAG Ventures


Jack is a seasoned investor and operator. He leads by example and clearly communicates AAG's vision with all stakeholders. His efforts are really making a difference in Southeast Asia and further afield. Tess Ventures is proud to support Jack and the AAG team.

Tess has known Jack, the founder of AAG, for several years since they work together to help Harmony, the DeFi platform.

Jack's Tess-timonial:

I have known Tess for years and have always been impressed by her professionalism and deep networks not just in Silicon Valley, but also across Southeast Asia. The fact Tess has deep relationships across geographies is a tribute to Tess' authenticity and positive impact on people. I am very proud to have Tess Ventures as an investor in AAG.

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