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Julija Bainiaksina

Founder & CEO




Julija leverages her PhD in AI & machine learning together with her leadership skills to build the next generation in data analytics.

Julija's bio:

Julija is an engineer and entrepreneur with a background in finance and retail technology. Julija is currently working on her new venture in web3 together with Tess. She holds a PhD in Machine Learning and NLP from University College London. In 2020, Julija received a prestigious fellowship award from the Royal Academy of Engineering. Prior to this, she worked in e-commerce tech, hedge fund and banking industries. She was also the founder of a retail startup in the UK.

Julija's Tess-timonial:

"Tess is bringing a tremendous value to our startup and my personal development. She is our angel investor, and now we’re also part of her Tess Studio, where we work closely together every day.

Initially, we started as a web2 startup in e-commerce space. After a number of iterations, ups and downs, we decided to pivot to web3. Tess, being an expert in the crypto and web3 space, agreed to help and support us in this journey.

Tess is a very hardworking superwoman. She is an entrepreneur with multiple superpowers who is truly passionate about helping founders. I’m very impressed by her ability to connect with people, empathize and always being full of energy even on the call at 4am in the morning.

Tess has a very deep understanding of the web3 landscape, key trends and opportunities. When we started working closely together, she spent lots of time educating me and sharing her knowledge about the space and how building web3 products differ from web2 traditional approaches. I’m continuously learning from her, everything from product opportunities, strategy, how to raise investment or structure the company.

Building long term relationships and networking is an art. Tess has mastered it very well. She is a super connector with a very strong network of people across different areas from early stage founders, 'web3 degens', technical, marketing, legal experts, investors all the way to serial entrepreneurs running billion dollar companies. Tess introduced me to people from her network who are providing us product feedback, advice and help with fundraising.

I am super excited to continue working with Tess and her team."

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