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Kelghe D'cruz





Tess Ventures is honored to invest in GenBlock. Tess grew up in Canada and she is proud to support her fellow Canadians in their entrepreneurial endeavors. Kelghe is an inspirational leader and we are excited to see and participate in his future successes.

Tess was introduced to GenBlock through the company’s early investors,

as they know Tess is a leading DeFi and blockchain investor in Silicon Valley, and will provide relevant guidance and introduce appropriate relationships at each point in GenBlock’s life cycle.

Kelghe's Tess-timonial:

A mutual friend and investor recommended that Tess invest in GenBlock because of her expertise in FinTech. He was right about Tess' knowledge of the market trends and other companies in the space. Tess has given valuable insights about our global strategy, and I am excited to have her as an investor.

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