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Marrtin Hoon

Founder & CEO




Visionary in identifying market trends in the fast paced technology space. Led Virgin group China, British Telecom China, IBM and Netdragon International. Now founder of MetaOne.

Marrtin's bio:

Marrtin has over 27 years of immense experience in the field of Information Communication Technology, Cloud, Mobile Gaming and Blockchain with a vision to contribute to the growth of Web3 world and be a part of the force that is driving the world towards digitization.

Marrtin's Tess-timonial:

Tess Ventures is a valuable partner to us and an important player in the ecosystem who provides very useful advice. Tess has unique expertise with the intersection of traditional VC, crypto VC and operations. Having been a founder with a successful exit, Tess fully understands the founder journey from bootstrapping to fundraising to managing teams. This experience gives her the ability to recognize strong founding teams and effectively works with her portfolio companies at each stage in the life cycle. After our first meeting, the results were immediate - Tess introduced me to three investors who ended up co-investing with her. Tess continues to be a great mentor to me. She listens intently, reflects, asks great questions, and always helps me progress smoothly to the next stage. I am thankful to have Tess Ventures supporting our team.

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