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Nate Whitehill

Co-Founder and CEO



Nate is a pioneer and key opinion leader in the world of crypto. He always has his pulse on developments in blockchain and crypto. Tess has known Nate for years and is proud to be an advisor to CryptoSlate.

Nate's bio:

Nate Whitehill is a technology entrepreneur, programmer, and web developer, with nearly two decades of experience building web applications.

In August 2017, he built and launched CryptoSlate, now one of the top destinations for crypto news, data, and information about people, products, and companies in the digital asset industry.

Over the past three years, CryptoSlate has become one of the largest crypto news site in the world by Alexa ranking, being seen by over 1 million unique visitors per month.

Nate's Tess-timonial:

As an entrepreneur building a 24-7 global business in the fast-growing industry of crypto, introductions happen at an unbelievably fast pace, and it’s rare for people and companies to truly stand out and become meaningful over time.

Within the first five minutes of meeting and talking to Tess, she immediately stood out as someone who has impressive attention to detail in everything she does, while also being sincere, friendly, and a fantastic listener.

Tess is no doubt one of the hardest working entrepreneurs and investors I have met in my 16+ years as a technology entrepreneur. I call her a “professional athlete” for venture capital because of how seriously she takes the craft, often sleeping 3 hours in a night in order to be present and engaged with 12 or more meetings per day. For most people, that quantity of meetings would lower their quality, but Tess is on a different level — a “superhero” as measured her energy and presentness during meetings.

Although Tess has spent most of her professional career deep inside the world of Silicon Valley venture capital, over the years she has become deeply immersed in blockchain, crypto and Web3. She has invested in and advised some of the biggest names in crypto, and is often a uniter between the world of crypto and traditional VC. Understanding both of those worlds so deeply is a rare trait in crypto.

As someone with a 360 degree understanding of this emerging industry, Tess deeply believes that crypto, NFTs, and the metaverse will power the “next generation” of the Internet, which will bring about a new democratization and participation in many aspects of society, from property ownership and financial access to identity, privacy and community governance.

When talking to Tess, it’s absolutely clear she has a powerful ability to quickly grasp new ideas, consider multiple points of view and provide a thoughtful and intelligent response to entrepreneurial decisions.

As a person always thinking outside of the box, Tess has shown that she can truly connect people in unique ways that provide meaningful value to both parties. There is strong sense of WAGMI (“we’re all gonna make it”) when working with and collaborating with Tess, because she really takes the time to understand and champion her portfolio companies and connections.

I am extremely grateful that Tess has given CryptoSlate and myself so much time, energy and attention to detail. We are are incredibly excited and truly honored to have her an advisor.

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