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Nicole Zhao





Nicole is a driven entrepreneur who is not afraid to take risks and make mid-course adjustments. She has a creative streak and leads her team through her personable nature. Tess was introduced to Nicole through a founder in a Tess Ventures portfolio company, who had raved about Tess being 'the best investor on the cap table'.

Nicole's bio:

Nicole is an experienced business strategist, the founder of Ren Group - a creative and talent management agency - and the publisher of CR Fashion Book, China. She has more than 10 years’ experience in business analysis and business development. Previously, she was VP of marketing & business development for Silvercrest Asset Management Group, a top 10 independent advisory in U.S with AUM over 20 billion dollars.  Nicole graduated from University of New York with a Ph.D. degree in Financial Engineering and started her career as a quantitative trader for a New York based commodity fund.

Nicole's Tess-timonial:

I have known Tess for years and have always wanted to work with her. She is a fellow founder and her insights into building teams and scaling the business have been invaluable to me over the years. She is an authentic communicator and is passionate in helping whenever I call or meet her. The amount of expertise, connection, support and inspiration she brought to the company is invaluable for any founder. I am happy to finally work with Tess and to have Tess Ventures as an investor in Amethyst.

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