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Obasi Francis Ifegwu

Co-Founder & CEO




Obasi is a visionary leader who is passionate about Africa - his Cassava project has the potential to lift millions of Africans out of poverty. We look forward to partnering with Obasi in his noble efforts.

Tess was introduced to the Cassava team through its early investors, knowing that Tess will bring tremendous value to the company as it scales in both business development and fundraising.

Obasi's bio:

Obasi Francis Ifegwu is one of the most active entrepreneurs in Africa’s blockchain space. His journey in crypto began in 2016 when he first took an interest in DLT and developed in 2017 when he began contributing to several blockchain communities as a moderator. He began to focus his efforts on building solutions of his own after realizing the incredible positive effect decentralized technologies, particularly decentralized finance, could have in his home continent of Africa.

Obasi has since co-founded and served as CEO on several projects, including Cassava Network, DeSpace Protocol and Lead Wallet, and has helped launch and advised dozens more. His experience as a blockchain pioneer in Africa and his deep roots in the Nigerian tech community make his advice widely sought after, and his experience liaising with investors and teams from all around the globe gives him the unique skillset needed to succeed in the rapidly changing world of blockchain tech.

Obasi's Tess-timonial:

“I was introduced to Tess through a close founder friend, advisor and investor - Vincent Li, and I’m extremely grateful for that opportunity. Tess is someone who believes in the projects she supports and, more importantly, she believes in the vision they have for the world. At a time when technology has the potential to change the course of the world forever, it’s essential we have more people like Tess driving it in the right direction.

Tess’s advice and connections have been invaluable in taking our ideas at Cassava Network from inception to the global market it's in today. As an African founder, I’ve seen first-hand the struggles that start-ups from our continent can face during fundraising, and the support of backers like Tess who have the foresight to see through geography and to the potential of an idea are the ones who will ultimately shape the world of tomorrow.

Whether it’s her intimate knowledge of the workings of blockchain and Web3, or her attention to detail when working on strategy, Tess is the person you want by your side when launching your project or start-up. Seeing how she works and the way others speak of her is a testament to the care and commitment she provides to her portfolio companies. With Tess, you quickly understand that she understands your vision and is actively committed to seeing you achieve success.”

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