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Shane (Shengjie) Zhu

Founder & CEO




Shane is a promising young leader who is highly coachable and continues to learn and improve himself. We are excited to see and participate in his future successes.

Tess was introduced to the DeHorizon team through its existing investors, as they know Tess will provide the appropriate guidance and valuable relationships at each point in the company’s life cycle.

Shane's bio:

Shane has rich experience in creating startups and business strategies. A graduate of UC Berkeley Robotics, he is a serial entrepreneur in Silicon Valley. Before DeHorizon Foundation, Shane worked as a crypto trading fund manager. With a pioneering spirit, he has been developing NFT projects since 2017.

Shane's Tess-timonial:

I met Tess in 2019 through an email introduction by an investor. In a short period of time, Tess has become a trusted advisor to me and DeHorizon. She has been generous with her time--with her willingness to speak with me on hours at a time--and has shared opportunities and insights. Tess can thoughtfully connect you to relevant contacts within her network  to reach a data-driven decision. Her contributions to DeHorizon have been tremendous.

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