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Tess Ventures is honored to invest in Matrix World. Tess grew up in Canada with roots in Hong Kong. Xiao is from China and attended the University of Alberta. Tess is proud to support her fellow Chinese and Canadians in their entrepreneurial endeavors. Xiao is a promising leader and we are excited to see and participate in his future successes.

Tess was introduced to the founders of Matrix World through an early investor, who is in Tess’ Stanford circles.

Xiao's bio:

Xiao Wu is the founder of Matrix World. He received his M.Sc. and B.Sc. from the University of Alberta in 2015 and 2010, respectively. In 2019, Xiao and Dr. Wei Cai’s manuscript “An Interoperable Avatar Framework across Multiple Games and Blockchains” was accepted to the top ranked IEEE International Conference on Computer Communications (INFOCOM 2019) Demo session. In 2020, Xiao Wu won first prize in the China Blockchain Development Contest.

Xiao's Tess-timonial:

"I could tell Tess was different than most other investors almost instantly. What really stood out to me was how genuinely passionate she is about helping the people and projects she advises. From the very start, she shared our excitement about the future and vision of our project, and because of that I immediately knew that she was someone I could trust and rely on to take our project to the next level. Looking back, I’m glad I did!

Behind that passion is a wealth of knowledge and experience building and scaling successful businesses. When Tess joins your project as an investor and advisor, she treats it like her own. She took the time and effort to go through every aspect with us, from vision and positioning to operations and relationships.

Our team strives to bring something new and innovative in the crypto and Web3 space. We have no interest in copying what has already been done. In this emerging industry, especially when pushing the boundaries, you often come across two types of investors. Those who don’t understand it and are scared of change, and those who throw money at any project using these buzzwords without being able to contribute to the project’s growth and development. Tess doesn’t fall into either category. She has a deep understanding of the industry and shares our vision of the future of the Internet which allows her to make meaningful contributions to the projects she advises.

I am thankful to have Tess as an advisor. I can’t wait to see what we can build with her at our side."

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