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Seamless PDF contract signing experience brought to the web 3 landscape.

EthSign brings the seamless PDF contract signing experience to the web 3 landscape.

The e-signing decentralized application is built with Web3 technology and uses decentralized identifiers (DIDs), storage, and smart contracts to provide the same functionality as a Web2 application, but on the Ethereum blockchain. EthSign’s smart agreement integrates PDF with code-based contracts and offers trustworthy and user products, and open source frameworks. Make comments, edits, and access each version of your electronic agreement without privacy and communication concerns.

EthSign has 2 products in its pipeline:

Ethsign 3.0 (PDF Signing) is a completely serverless website hosted on IPFS and Arweave and runs entirely within the user's browser. It provides the same functionalities as a Web 3.0 electronic agreement signing platform, but leverages the power of blockchain to enhance transparency and security.

EthSign's Smart Agreements is their upcoming customizable and extendable framework that truly realizes the vision for smart contracts. It enableselectronic agreements to have tighter binding properties by enforcing its execution using smart contracts in addition to or in place of existing legal enforcement.

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