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Non-custodial Web3 wallet for teams. Co-investors include Youbi Capital, Valkyrie Fund (Multicoin LP) and others.

Whether you are looking to manage your company's treasury, operate your fund's assets, become a digital asset custodian, engage in dex trading, or build the next digital asset exchange, MPCVault is here for you.

A self-custodial approach

"Not your keys, not your coins." This is even more true for enterprise customers with large amount of assets at stake. MPCVault's solution is self-custodial. We do not have total control over your keys or assets. Each operation has to be cryptographically signed by your key share, eliminating any counter-party risks.

Operate without passing around private keys

With our proprietary MPC technology, team members never have direct access to private keys. Feel free to add in as many team members as you want without worrying about key security.

Backup once and recover all your assets

No longer do you have to manage multiple mnemonics for different blockchain addresses. With a one-time backup, you can generate as many addresses on different blockchains as you wish.

View all your assets in one place

See your on-chain assets, exchange accounts, and bank accounts in one place. Seamlessly transfer assets across all your accounts.

Tess was introduced to MPCVauly through the Company's early stage investors and the founders were well aware of Tess' ability to help grow their business through her extensive knowledge of Web3.

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