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Salad is the "Udemy of GameFi ", building the infrastructure and education tools for play-to-earn ecosystems.

Salad is backed by top tier Silicon Valley fund Multicoin Capital. When Salad co-founder Felix Sim first watched a documentary on play-to-earn, he had an inkling that this was going to change the way we work forever. Felix felt that there was more to this than simply getting paid to play games. His research brought him into the world of guilds, and how they operated. He was amazed by what he found.

Felix liked the model of organised labour, the social impact, and the potential this combination could bring to the new world of work. What he felt missing was how everybody seemed to be running their guilds the same way. Randomly picking scholars. Low/no performance requirements. Little/no training and active management. It was like a modern day gold rush without direction.

It felt like everyone was just throwing different pieces of ingredients into a bowl, then stacking the bowl with more ingredients as they come, and mixing it all up and hoping that it’ll taste good (he had a salad joke, but he tossed it.) There is greater potential in the space that most other players weren’t seeing yet. So together with Felix’s Co-Founder, Wesley, they set out to create a better salad. Play-2-Earn is just the first step. There is the opportunity to rethink the way society looks at value creation and work as we know it today.

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