Adam Giambrone

VC | MBA | Saudi Arabia, Canada

Adam's bio:

Adam is currently the General Manager responsible for the national transport company in Saudi Arabia that runs urban and inter-urban transit.

Previously Adam was in charge of surface rail transit expansion for the City of New York as well as heading transportation planning for the Montreal region and was the Chair and Commissioner for the Toronto Transit Commission that runs all the urban transit in Toronto and is the second largest authority after New York in Canada and the United States.


"I met Tess over 30 years ago when we were in school together and have watched her grow into the impressive women she is today.

She is smart, strategic, very hard working and empathetic. I have learned so much from her and her support of my personal growth has been ongoing. Having worked with many people in different spheres, I have also come to respect and appreciate her sincerity, honestly and integrity which is so important in personal and business relationships.

She's always offered great council, including when I was running for office. Her ability to cut through nonsense and get to the heart of an issue was very helpful and invaluable. As an accomplished entrepreneur with extensive experience and diverse networks, she always had plenty to share, but often seems more interested in learning what others in her network are doing and how she can help.

Tess is always looking for ways to connect her large network together for mutual benefit. When an issue, problem or opportunity arises she employs her network with skill. We've all made mistakes and Tess' empathy and support through my own difficult times was one of the greatest gifts she's given me and while I know she has had difficult personal struggles, but you wouldn't know it from her demeanor and outlook, which is so positive.

This support she offers is not just to her friends, but continues with her work with charities and causes she supports, the list of which is impressive. She also manages to hold down the important title of Mom (single) to her son and as a parent, I know how important that is.

I am so happy to have Tess as a friend and know that she is at my side when I need her. I enjoy our conversations and think she really is a special kind of person.

I look forward to the details of her next great project."

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