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Sami Chlagou

Founder & CEO


Cross The Ages


Sami is a true visionary and his background in video production, animation, gaming and collectibles gives him the right exposure and drive to build and scale the interactive NFT metaverse. We are excited to see and participate in Sami's future successes.

Tess was introduced to Cross The Ages through the company’s existing investors, as they know Tess is a leading GameFi and metaverse investor in Silicon Valley.

Sami's Tess-timonial:

I was introduced to Tess from my existing investors. They knew Tess was deeply invested into game-fi and metaverse projects and had a great understanding of the underlying concepts behind it. Tess is a great relationship builder and has an amazing eye for potential. Tess has proven to be a wonderful addition to our team and we are excited to have her here!

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