Cross The Ages

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NFT collectible universe in which fantasy and science fiction come together.

Collectible universe game in which fantasy and science fiction come together, powered by NFT blockchain technology. Cross the Ages, is a universe made up of several themes. Within the universe, the first collection explores the world of machines as well as a community of monsters resulting in more than 365 collectable cards with different scarcity and unique traits.

Cross The Ages creates a brand new experience that bridges two worlds:

- Passion for collectible card games (i.e. MAGIC The Gathering, Pokemon, sports); and

- World of technology where all our information and memories are digitized.

The market opportunity is massive and global, when in 2019 more than 2.5B gamers around the world spent $152.1B on games. The team consists of 130+ people involved in the project, with 66 artists. Founder Sami Chlagou is an avid card collector and experienced video game producer, owning 4 development studios whose games have 3M+ downloads. Tess was introduced to Cross The Ages through the company’s existing investors, as they know Tess is a leading GameFi and metaverse investor in Silicon Valley.

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